How to choose a marriage celebrant

Congratulations! You’ve found the perfect partner for you, decided to make things official and have started the (occasionally daunting) process of planning a wedding.

You’ve decided on the date, the venue, the guest list and perhaps your photographer and videographer too. Now you just need someone to marry you!

If you’re not religious (and Australian Bureau of Statistics data suggest that when it comes to weddings, most couples aren’t), you’ll probably opt for a ceremony led by an authorised marriage celebrant.

But unless you’ve spent a lot of time hanging out at weddings lately or happen to be deeply involved in the wedding industry, you probably haven’t got the first idea of how to find one, what to ask them – or really, how empowering and memorable a ceremony can be.

So, how do you find the wedding celebrant that’s right for you?

If you haven’t been to many weddings recently, start by asking family and friends if they’ve come across any truly engaging celebrants. Ask what they liked about the ceremony – was it the content, how it was delivered, the bond the celebrant seemed to share with the couple? This will help you determine what qualities a celebrant possesses and if they align with what you’re after for your day.

  • Have a good social media stalk. The photos and captions a celebrant posts will give you an insight into not only the kind of weddings they work on, but also their writing style. If you’re having trouble finding celebrants, a quick hashtag search (for example, #marriagecelebrantmelbourne) should help.

  • Read reviews. Google, Facebook and the celebrant’s own website should give you a solid idea of the celebrant’s style and what previous clients and guests think. If you can’t find any reviews, don’t be afraid to ask the celebrant if they have any testimonials they can provide.

  • Get in touch! On my website I have an enquiry form where couples can tell me about their plans for the day and ask anything and everything. I also offer an obligation-free meeting so that we can get to know each other and make sure we’re a good fit.

As with any supplier you engage for your wedding, part of choosing a celebrant is finding someone whose work you like and who you both trust and feel comfortable with.

On the day, it is the celebrant who will stand alongside you at the times when you may feel most vulnerable and emotional and it’s crucial that person is someone you can build a rapport with.

You deserve someone who will listen to your wishes and craft a ceremony that reflects who you are and what is important to you.

Koren Harvey