The case for Videographers


During planning meetings, I ask my couples for the names of their wedding suppliers. This includes the photographer and filmmaker and it genuinely surprises me how few couples opt to have their wedding recorded on film.

During a meeting recently, a bride asked me if a filmmaker was really a worthwhile investment. After all, she said, they'd already booked a photographer - surely a filmmaker wouldn't be necessary too?

My answer? They are not only worthwhile, they are a must-have.

When planning our wedding several years ago, I told my husband that hiring C2 Films was a non-negotiable.  I had worked with them on several weddings and I always ended up crying whenever I watched one of their reels, even when it was of people I didn't know.

Dave accepted my decision, but he did say at the time that he never considered a wedding film as something we'd need.  When we told my parents that we had hired a filmmaker, they were initially sceptical - wasn't it an unnecessary expense? I told them they'd soon see it wasn't, but I know they took my advice with a pinch of salt.

In the lead up to your wedding, everyone tells you the day will fly. That's because it does. One minute you're sipping on champagne as you get ready, the next you're climbing into bed, exhausted, beside your new spouse.

This day that you have spent so long planning and saving for and dreaming about is no different to any other day - it is over in a matter of hours.


In those few hours, so much happens.

You get ready, bubbling with excitement and anticipation.

You share memorable moments with your nearest and dearest as you prepare to step into the next stage of your relationship.

You walk down that aisle and go through the most significant ceremony of your life.

You are congratulated, heartily, by the people who love you.

You hear thoughtful, emotional (and often hilarious) speeches that your friends and family have sweated over for weeks.

You enjoy the most expensive meal you'll ever pay for.

You tear up the dance floor.

And it is in those moments, and all the moments in between, that the magic happens.

Shortly after our wedding, C2 Film sent us a highlight reel. It was but a small snapshot of everything that happened, yet still enough to bring back the raft of emotions we felt that day (not to mention a few tears).  In just a few short minutes, Marcus captured not just how it looked, but the way our day felt.

We spent several days on our honeymoon talking about the wedding, nominating our favourite moments as we recounted everything we'd seen, done and heard. We realised that while we clearly remembered how the speeches made us feel, we couldn't remember the words used in them. We each wanted to know how the other had spent the morning before the wedding, and what had happened on either side of the chapel doors in those moments before they opened and I walked down the aisle.

When we got home all the uncut footage was waiting for us. We spent two evenings glued to our tv as we relived our wedding day through Marcus' artistry. Not only did we get to see all those things we'd talked about while we were sinking poolside cocktails, Marcus had also captured so many little moments that had either gone unnoticed or been forgotten.

My parents, in particular, couldn't wait to see the footage and turned into complete advocates for wedding films. Mum told me that the day was as much of a blur to her as it was to us, and through that video, they were able to take it all in once more.

Dad took a copy with him when he went to visit my 96-year-old Nan in Brisbane a few weeks after the wedding. She too had been there on the day, but wanted to see it all again.

Friends and family around the world have been able to take part in our wedding through the work of Marcus and his team, and I love that when our children are old enough, we’ll be able to share our wedding ceremony with them.

Do I even need to tell you that when my sister and her partner got engaged two years ago, one of their first calls was to C2? I have watched their highlight reel over and over and could still watch it for days.

If your budget can stretch to a filmmaker, I implore you to GET ONE*.


To put it simply, I have never met a couple who have regretted hiring a filmmaker, but I've met plenty who have regretted not hiring one - and then, it's too late.

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*It goes without saying that not all filmmakers are made equal. Do your research and find someone you connect with, who will listen to you and who understands what you want. Make sure they can work with your photographer, and won't disrupt proceedings for your guests. You'll spend a lot of time with them on the day and you need to get along with them!  As you may have gathered, I can't speak highly enough of C2 Film. They are talented, sensitive and professional, and always manage to get the memories without getting in the way.

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All images in this post by Warren Photography,

Meirav Dulberg