Legals only

Many couples choose to head somewhere exotically beautiful to celebrate their wedding but find the bureaucracy associated with the legalities confusing.

If you’ve chosen to get married overseas in a ceremony that isn’t legally binding, or would just like to get married without any fuss, I can help you make it official with a brief, legals-only ceremony. This can also be adapted to a destination-specific elopement.

German weddings

Möchten Sie in Australien heiraten? Vielleicht haben Sie deutsche Verwandte zu Ihrer Hochzeit eingeladen, die kein Englisch oder nur wenig Englisch verstehen. Ich kann mit Ihnen beiden einen besonderen Text auf Englisch, Deutsch oder einer Mischung aus beiden Sprachen verfassen.


If the above didn’t give it away, I speak German and would be very happy to conduct part or all of your ceremony in German to honour your heritage and include your guests.

Other services available include:

-          Master of Ceremonies (private events, such as wedding receptions)

-          Master of Ceremonies (corporate conferences, business functions, seminars and panel events)

-          Naming ceremonies

-          Funerals and memorial services

If you’d like to know more, get in touch.