Real Life.
Real Love.
Real Moments. 


Your relationship isn’t the same as everyone else’s.
Your ceremony shouldn’t be either.

Weddings can be daunting, I know. Whether you’ve thought a lot about this day or not at all, it’s my job to help you not only love but enjoy every moment of your ceremony, from the planning to the execution.

My favourite ceremony is one in which your personalities come through loud and clear.

Photo: Jason South

Photo: Jason South


The length or location doesn’t matter. Instead I want to help you create a ceremony that feels meaningful to you and where you both feel relaxed, comfortable and supported.

One where you can enjoy yourselves and do what comes naturally, whether that’s laughing, crying or interjecting (or sometimes all three!).
One where your guests feel like the ceremony is something they’re part of, rather than just something  they’re watching.
One where you aren’t standing up the front looking uncomfortable because  it’s a wedding and you need to be ‘serious’, but one where you both are happy and relaxed because you’re being yourselves and just happen to be the people getting married today.

It should be crystal clear to your guests from the moment they arrive that they are at your wedding.

They’re not going to hear generic philosophies of love and friendship to fill in time.
They’re going to hear meaningful things about the life you’ve built and why you’re on this journey together.
They’re going to hear about the two of you, about the what and the why and the how.

They’re going to hear your story.

Koren Harvey - k0439_Melbourne_Wedding_NJP__11032017.jpg
There is something so magical and life-affirming
about being invited into a couple’s life, trusted
with their story and then witnessing them promise
to choose each other, always.
— Koren Harvey
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