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Koren Harvey - Marriage Celebrant Melbourne

I love standing with a groom waiting for the ceremony to begin and watching the emotions well up in his eyes.

I love seeing the joy on a bride’s face when she catches sight of the one she loves.

I love what I do.

It is the thought of developing a relationship with you and giving you an engaging, memorable and stress-free experience that propels me out of bed each morning. This is an incredibly special time in your life and I strive to give all of my couples an experience reflective of that.

It is for this reason that I accept a limited amount of bookings each year.

I want to know each and every couple I marry.

I want to be swept up in your joy and emotion, to hear your story, to learn why it's important that these guests are witnessing your marriage and to understand the little things that define your relationship with one another.

I want to be there with you in every possible way on your wedding day.

If the thought of a tailor-made ceremony that is a personal and enjoyable reflection of the life you share excites you as much as it does me, give me a call.